Underfloor heating

If you want an energy efficient, contemporary heating solution, then underfloor heating could be the answer for you. It provides a number of benefits over other types of heating systems.

Also, the flexibility and energy savings that these systems can provide businesses with are proving popular and being adopted more and more.
Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating for your business.

Find out why underfloor heating is a good idea for your business premesis.

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Save energy with underfloor heating.

Providing a high level of comfort and offering a consistent heat level across a room are two of the advantages. They are also less prone to cold spots which might be experienced with other heating types. Additionally, the lower convection rates than for example a traditional radiator means there are less draughts.

With the correct levels of insulation, it has the potential to provide a heating solution which saves energy and money. It is worthwhile noting that underfloor insulation is included in the Governments’ Green Homes Grant.

Whilst it is more recognised as a desirable heating system for homeowners, it is also more often being viewed as attractive in commercial buildings. Businesses such as hotels, offices, leisure and schools are amongst those who are switching to this form of heating in their premises.


There are a number of benefits to underfloor heating including:

Energy efficiency
Easy to control
Hidden so no ugly radiators
Low cost

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