Suitable for larger buildings with many rooms, a VRF system allows multiple indoor units to be connected to one outdoor condensing unit. Therefore lowering installation costs and saving space.

Depending on the application these systems can cool only, or heat and cool.

There are two types of VRF Air Conditioning systems.

Upgrading to a new boiler could drastically increase the comfort and eco-friendliness of your home.

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Heat Pump

The Heat Pump makes use of a two pipe refrigerant circuit throughout, with branch pipes feeding indoor units. This allows manual changeover from cooling to heating to ensure that a constant indoor climate is maintained. In a heat pump system all the areas must be either cooling or heating.
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Heat recovery.

Heat Recovery systems have the ability to simultaneously heat certain areas while cooling others. In a heat recovery system, the heat extracted from areas requiring cooling is used in the areas requiring heating.

The heat recovery system has a greater initial cost. However, it allows for better zoned thermal control of a building and overall greater efficiencies.

In a heat recovery VRF system, some of the indoor units may be in cooling mode while the others are in heating mode. Thus reducing the overall energy consumption levels.

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